University of Nicosia – Introduction to Bitcoin loophole Online Course

The topic of ‚digital currencies‘ and ‚blockchain technologies‘ has long ceased to be a niche topic. More and more companies, institutions and governments are dealing with this topic.

For increased acceptance, it is also important to deal intensively with the topic and generate new knowledge. However, only a few universities are currently pursuing such a goal. One of them is the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. The private university offers free online courses on Digital Currencies. Based on this course, an advanced Master’s course is possible. Interested parties and students can thus specialize specifically in the topic.

Who can participate in such a course about Bitcoin loophole?

The free online course ‚Introduction to Bitcoin loophole‘ takes place twice a year (spring and autumn) and is basically free for everyone to register for. This course is particularly suitable to gain a deeper insight into Bitcoin loophole and to further educate oneself in this direction. This applies equally to students and professionals.

What are the course components?

The course consists of a total of twelve lectures (one lecture per week) over a period of approximately three months. Each lecture has several components: A presentation (pdf) of the respective topic, recommendations for additional literature and multiple choice quizzes. These are to be worked on in individual studies.

A further component are the group discussions with live question and answer sessions, led by the two course leaders Antonis Polemitis and Andreas Antonopoulos. They are two experts in the field of digital currencies. All documents as well as the final test are in English.

How is the course completed?
At the end of the twelve weeks there is a final test. This test lasts two hours and includes 50 MC questions related to the lectures and MC quizzes. At least 75 percent of the quizzes must be answered in order to be admitted to the test. The individual quizzes can be repeated as often as desired for practice. However, there is only one attempt for the final test. If the participant reaches at least 60 percent, the course is considered passed. The test result will be announced a few weeks later.

If the course is passed, the participant receives an ‚Academic Certificates on the Blockchain‘. The authenticity of each certificate is thus represented by the blockchain. This makes the university one of the most innovative in the world.

Further possibilities?
Building on the course, there is the opportunity to complete a Master of Science in Digital Currency. This Master’s programme is unique to date and plays a pioneering role. There is the possibility of receiving a scholarship for the course (e.g. if the result of the previous course was very good).